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Today’s News - Thursday, April 8, 2010

•   New Zealand has sold itself as "100% Pure" and green (resident Hobbits would probably disagree).

•   Lessons from Japan's ancient tradition of sustainability.

•   Green prefab housing seemed like such a good idea - until 2008 arrived.

•   Gehry entertains a Chicago crowd: he's a humbug when it comes to LEED buildings, and throws a jab (in jest) at Piano: "He's gotten better."

•   Gunts on Baltimore's plans to designate a third arts district; not all agree: "The city should focus on building up the two arts districts it already has."

•   Lots of details re: the new Brooklyn Bridge Park; and lots of complaints about its playground's "hot" steel scorching tiny fingers.

•   Dyckhoff on Ban's Pompidou-Metz: "It's so freaky looking I don't know what to make of it. A crustacean, perhaps, beached very far from the sea?"

•   Helsinki rejects a new hotel by H&deM (even though it would be "better than a sauna or a dog park").

•   Brussat cheers Brown University's decision to drop SHoP and hire "America's sole starchitect who works in traditional styles" for its new fitness center.

•   Rothstein visits The Cocoon at the Darwin Center in London: "Enjoy the bugs, but don't feed the scientists."

•   An eyeful of BIG's design for a mosque in Copenhagen, "either ingenious or outrageous, the design is gorgeous" and "bound to stir emotions" (it is pretty wild).

•   Kiev's 1903 House of Chimeras is "festooned with fantasy...a twinkling star on the far side of the gray trough of 70 years of Soviet architecture" (talk about wild!).

•   Lebbeus Woods pays tribute to Raimund Abraham, his fellow visionary and friend.

•   In Los Angeles, LACMA could become Watts Towers' guardian angel.

•   CORA issues a call to action for architects to come to the aid of their profession.

•   Architects tap into social media - it's still too soon to say if their efforts will pay off.

•   AIA launches National Architecture Week on Facebook.

•   An eyeful of some amazing entries in the Haiti Poster Project that will raise funds for Doctors Without Borders.


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