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Today’s News - Wednesday, March 24, 2010

•   A study of sustainable commercial buildings should give architects some good ammunition to convince clients to go for the green.

•   Duany minces no words about Scotland's planning system: "The quality of delivery of housing in this country is in crisis and it is not for lack of talent...anything good has become illegal."

•   Bezalel School of Arts and Design has big plans for a new campus in downtown Jerusalem.

•   Portland, OR, has big plans to revive a neighborhood that also includes shelter and services for its homeless people (with little protest to boot).

•   In London, Piano's "baby Shard" (finally) gets underway.

•   An eyeful of Snøhetta's Virginia Tech Center for the Arts, set to redefine downtown Blacksburg.

•   Litt cheers a win-win for Case Western and a "beloved but aging and underused" iconic Cleveland synagogue.

•   Gloomy news for Rudolph's Chorley School: aside from a small cadre of preservationists, the superintendent hears nothing good about the building (and "renovation is out of the question").

•   A photographer sneaks into the "fabulous mansion" Steve Jobs is about to demolish (you can almost smell the rot).

•   San Francisco's mayor is taking urban farming very, very seriously; a benefit beyond healthful food: a more beautiful landscape.

•   After 25 years of "planning and parsimony," NYC's Brooklyn Bridge Park finally opens, and things are looking up for Governors Island (our fingers are crossed!).

•   Hume cheers a new, direct path to Toronto's "quiet but powerful" Ireland Park that "was almost impossible to find...let alone reach. Surely, a park that can't be accessed is no park at all."

•   A derelict area beneath Toronto's Don Lands overpasses will soon be transformed into "a delightful urban patch" (and undoubtedly easier to find).

•   Saffron on Bohlin's "iOpener" in NYC, his influence on the future of retail design, and how it "probably helped him triumph over two superstars" for his AIA Gold Medal win.

•   A Cornell study tracks the most photographed landmarks in the world (Bohlin's Apple Store cube is 28th).

•   Stroik avoids "ersatz-traditional schlock" in his designs for two new churches.

•   James Beard Foundation lauds 3 restaurant designers for their good taste.

•   A startup says it can use carbon dioxide to make cement; high hopes it work on a mass scale, but skeptics have their doubts.

•   Call for entries: Land Art Generator Initiative international competition to combine aesthetics with clean energy generation across the UAE.

•   We couldn't resist: "The End of Publishing" video with a frontward/backward message (it sure made our day a bit brighter).


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