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Today’s News - Monday, March 22, 2010

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of H&deM's VitraHaus.

•   Jevons' Paradox, the Piggy Principle, and the perils of efficient energy use: we'll just use more of it, or Kunstler et al. vs. Lovins (great links).

•   DOT's Policy Statement on bike and pedestrian accommodations: "This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of non-motorized."

•   An impressive planning study for Manhattan's Greenwich South could be a model for future development - if policy-makers "are ready to recognize that nothing's more expensive than getting it wrong the first time."

•   MoMA's "Rising Currents" offers alternatives "that both confront climate change and, in the best sense of the word, exploits it."

•   A Winnipeg architect cheers three starchitects' projects in his city: it could be a very good thing for local talent.

•   Shanghai World Expo x 2: the "exteriors range from breathtakingly innovative to dull, big boxes, albeit colorfully painted" + Bostwick's take: Britannia rules, unlike other "middling entries" (few architects identified, but links to terrific slide show).

•   Hawthorne on the connection between Raimund Abraham and the London embassy competition (he'll take what's behind Door #1).

•   Moore cheers a new hospital by Foster: it "could revolutionize patient care."

•   Hadid and Broad break ground in Michigan: "This building should get a speeding ticket," says Giovannini.

•   Nouvel shelves Paris skyscraper project (at least until "the economic crisis has eased").

•   Saffron hopes Steve Wynn takes a look at Philly's guide to waterfront development and comes up with an artful casino rather than another "big-box blah."

•   Campbell sizes up Bostonians' pick of the city's ugliest buildings: "give them a new face or a new use, and treat them with disrespect - not with murder."

•   A most interesting panel debates whether socially-minded design really makes an impact.

•   A Philippine architect returns home with Taliesin on her side to cultivate and encourage new professionals.

•   Call for entries: Architect magazine's 4th Annual R+D Awards; Eco-Structure's Evergreen Awards 2010; and Rockefeller Foundation 2011 Bellagio Center Residencies in Italy.


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