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Today’s News - Thursday, March 18, 2010

•   Sudjic minces no words about what he thinks of the role of design in consumerism and sustainability: "No profession is more schizophrenic...designers can hope to deal with sustainability only if they really act as designers and not as missionaries or as salesmen."

•   King on a California court ruling that could reshape suburbs and small cities: "The law doesn't say everything has to be urban, but we're going beyond a point where communities can be enclaves" (bring on smart growth and density).

•   Thanks to philanthropic dollars, Detroit can afford a "star urban planner" to "help lead what might be the most ambitious urban makeover in American history" (a.k.a. downsizing).

•   Philadelphia firms donate their time to investigate ways to reinvent run-down factory buildings.

•   H&deM's Miami Art Museum: at least two years behind schedule (and mucho dollars later), should it be downsized or scrapped altogether?

•   A 1923 Manhattan neo-Moorish landmark to get a much-needed makeover.

•   Menking on plans to "deface" a 1988 Hejduk housing project in Berlin in the name of "improvement" - and efforts to save it (with a Facebook page, what else?).

•   Kamin on activists' efforts to buy a "grand but little-known" FLW home to create a museum and arts education center (angels with $$$ needed).

•   New Trent Lott center at the University of Southern Mississippi has a "unique, congressional look" that would be right at home in D.C.

•   Cambodian architecture students take on housing for evictees to encourage them to think about designing "not just for the rich but for the poor in their society."

•   Bernstein on the Guggenheim's "Contemplating the Void" auction: "Not everyone in the art world is thrilled" (auction closes today, by the way).

•   "With the acquisitive zeal of a born collector," Maya Lin hopes to "alter the patterns of a wasteful world" with her latest megaproject.

•   Winners all: Australian Institute of Architects 2010 Gold Medal to "architecture's golden couple"; U.K.'s Civic Trust Awards 2010 (and lots of 'em); ICA&CA 2010 Arthur Ross Award winners honored for "enhancing and preserving classical traditions in architecture, urbanism and their allied arts"; and IIDA 37th Annual Interior Design and 18th Annual Will Ching award winners.

•   ASLA puts out a call for issues that should be included in the Society's upcoming legislative agenda.

•   A good reason to head to Washington, DC, next week: Design Corp's Structures for Inclusion 10: "Social Economic Environmental Design: SEED" conference.


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