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Today’s News - Monday, March 15, 2010

•   ArcSpace brings us Kuma's "green glass box" in Beijing.

•   Did Utzon do some "unconscious borrowing" from Bartning's 1922 Star Church for the Sydney Opera House?

•   Moore surveys Pitt's Make It Right project: "is it just a celebrity ego trip or a true regeneration?"

•   Clinical care inside former shipping containers for underserved areas of the developing world (hoping Haiti is the next stop).

•   Ouroussoff finds nary a misstep in Nouvel's 100 11th Ave. in Manhattan: it's "a sly commentary on the conflict between public and private realms," and "demonstrates what a major talent can accomplish when he focuses his mind on a small corner of the city."

•   Lifson is lifted by the experience of walking through Maki's "magnificent" MIT Media Lab: it's "exquisite" and offers "a new definition of what's 'cool' in modern architecture." (great pix, too)

•   Saffron sings high praise for a "voluptuous" new row house in Philadelphia that "bends all those right-angle rules" at just the right angles.

•   Big plans for a Libeskind and a Safdie on Boston's Greenway not so big anymore.

•   Big plans for Seattle Center seem a bit "light on the vision thing": they're "not quite ready for prime time."

•   On an even darker note, a plan for a Chihuly museum "is in keeping with Seattle Center's glorious tradition of schlock."

•   Ikea thinks big with an "airport-sized" development in Moscow (lots of culture included).

•   Good news/bad news on the preservation front: restoration of Kahn's 1955 Trenton Bath House is (finally!) underway.

•   A. Quincy Jones barn in L.A. to be restored "using a very light touch."

•   China plans to restore an Art Deco gem of a movie theater in Nanjing.

•   Gallagher cheers the last-minute saving of Yamasaki archives, but warns that without diligence more of Michigan's architectural history will be lost.

•   Litt re: Cleveland Clinic's razing of a historic school building, prompting debate about preservation and highlighting "a curious anomaly in city planning regulations."

•   An architect decries the possible demolition of a house in Cincinnati: "Tearing down a culturally significant historic building is usually a bad idea" (especially when done by a foundation with a "mission of encouraging conservation").

•   Hume x 2: cheers for a new waterfront park that doubles as a water treatment facility; and watch out Toronto - woonerfs are coming to town to give precedence to pedestrians: "the most remarkable aspect of the project is that it's happening at all."

•   Archial Group rebrands its overseas business as Alsop Sparch (try saying that fast three times).

•   Scott Brown offers an eloquent essay: What good is language to an architect?

•   Call for entries/EOI for a visitor security screening facility for Scottish Parliament at Holyrood, Edinburgh.

•   Happy(?) Ides of March!


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