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Today’s News - Wednesday, March 10, 2010

•   Levinson takes on Lange's essay re: the job of architecture critic "might be doomed": The "fundamental problem of contemporary criticism" is the (growing) "global beat - dateline: placeless...we're near the end of our collective patience with this kind of global-beat, star-centric critique."

•   Betsky wonders what Cincinnati and every American city will become in this century if they don't "acknowledge sprawl and make it work."

•   United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) launch the Green Building Initiative.

•   A new airport in Florida is almost ready for its close-up; now they hope development will follow (nature be damned, it seems: "It's been oversold, underdesigned, undermanaged and now botched as a construction project").

•   Cardinal designs domed stadium on former rail yard in Regina (high hopes lots of development will follow).

•   Ratner brings in a big gun to give Atlantic Yards stadium design a "once over" (he likes it), and discusses bringing in "different architects, good architects, to do each of the residential buildings" (the project breaks ground tomorrow).

•   Hadid's Broad Museum (finally) breaking ground in East Lansing, MI, despite some raised eyebrows (lots of pix).

•   Another take (and lots of great pix) on SANAA's Rolex Learning Center in Lausanne.

•   A new training and conference center for the life sciences in Heidelberg takes its architectural cue from DNA.

•   San Antonio has big plans for an eight-mile stretch of its river to reconnect it to its neighbors (no souvenir margarita glasses or "funky, modern artwork to confound people").

•   King on a San Francisco architect's answer to disaster relief: House Arc modular cottages: "every creative initiative helps."

•   Hungary picks curators and theme "BorderLINE Architecture" for Venice Biennale (great pix, video).

•   Bernstein bemoans the "heavy, kitschy artwork" on the "ethereal, sculptural" façade of the New Museum.

•   A Spanish town ventures into solar industries - its brief boom-turned-bust is a cautionary tale.

•   Seoul's Grand Park gets an OLEV "train" for public transportation - next stop: the city's bus routes.

•   A new concept for freeways to solve the distance problem in driving electric cars.

•   An eyeful of the world's first printed building ("Dini wants to build a cathedral with it").

•   Winners all: an eyeful of the Zumtobel Prize winners from Brazil and New York; and Imagine H2O Prize ideas can save the world hundreds of billions of gallons of water.

•   Call for entries: Game Changers: Design a game that aims to create change by improving lives or inspiring new behaviors.

•   We couldn't resist: a naughty word hidden in a Tucson building's trim: "the work of a mischievous architect in the late 1960s" (who remains unnamed).


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