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Today’s News - Monday, March 8, 2010

•   ArcSpace brings us Hadid in Amman, Jordan.

•   Layman takes on Gruber re: what "organic redevelopment" really means (and why it happens so rarely).

•   A look at how the new federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities will roll out - with high hopes the DOT, EPA, and HUD will not "work at cross-purposes" and will stop "subsidizing sprawl."

•   When organic growth isn't good: the relocation of an organic market "risks disrupting the local ecosystem" of a Minneapolis neighborhood.

•   Long Island offers a template for taking back acres of asphalt, but "we don't have unlimited time to unpave parking lots and put up paradise."

•   Iovine has high hopes that next step for the pedestrian plazas of Times and Herald Squares will be "something truly transformative" (it doesn't have to be Rome's Piazza Navona, but "epoxy gravel is hardly the stuff of inspiring design").

•   It's "regrettable" that views of Memphis Airport's iconic terminal will have to be obscured by a new parking garage.

•   Saffron on the need to add some pizzazz to Philly's Market East (but in city politics, does one had even know what the other is doing?).

•   Strategies to green the Empire State Building were not of one-offs or "incredibly high-tech, expensive, or sexy," but they "allowed the do-gooders to communicate in a language that capital understands."

•   Lerner on how new libraries are rejuvenating urban centers around the world (it's not all in the architecture).

•   The Fort Worth Zoo's new Museum of Living Art highlights the beauty of some creepy crawly things.

•   McMansions go modular "for the money-conscious Lexus set" (oh joy): they may be the future for some, but others see "another blot on the landscape threatening to multiply."

•   OLIN talks landscape for the U.S. Embassy in London: it's "the opportunity to create a contemporary working landscape...truly American yet responsive to the context of London."

•   A 28-year-old Egyptian architect making a "swift rise to the top."

•   Incredible images of Rudolph homes just prior to demolition: "Warning: What you are about to see contains depictions of extreme violence."

•   Hawthorne on Raimund Abraham, known "most of all, as a teacher who struck his students by turns as deeply passionate, gruff and quixotic" (with link to his final SCI-Arc lecture just prior to his death).

•   Winners all: a Chilean firm takes Brit Insurance Architecture Award with social housing scheme in Mexico; and eyefuls of 3 winners and special mentions in eVolo's 2010 Skyscraper Competition (we doubt we'll be seeing any of them any time soon).

•   Call for entries: 2010 Spark Design Awards, and ZweigWhite's 2010 Hot Firm List.


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