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Today’s News - Wednesday, March 3, 2010

•   Architecture's successes and failures in Chile and Haiti are worth examining.

•   Sanderson responds to Rose's commentary re: architects' role in disaster reconstruction: "often the last people needed" unless they "move beyond their traditional role of designers of buildings."

•   Bloomberg/BusinessWeek special report re: the temperature of the global architecture industry in 2010: Russell ruminates on a number of topics, Saul Kaplan calls for cities to "become living innovation labs," and much more (plan to spend some time with this one - it's worth it).

•   Luxor's revival of the Avenue of Sphinxes leads to claims of slum-clearing and fears of "Disneyfication."

•   Rochon is positively rapturous about Vancouver's "ugly sister" Surrey putting "innovative design at the top of its renewal agenda."

•   An eyeful of the winning entries in Surrey's TownShift: Suburb into City ideas competition.

•   Cleveland offers a "new model of large-scale worker- and community-benefiting enterprises looking to revitalize the city: the same principles could easily be applied in other cities impacted by the nation's decaying economy.

•   A once-thriving Pittsburgh neighborhood reawakens.

•   A German commercial real estate investment company will give "green" overhauls to its entire $4 billion portfolio of buildings in the U.S.: "if you haven't taken environmental measures, you will have trouble."

•   A call to measure the impact of green design on health in working environments.

•   U.K.'s Landscape Institute issues report, "Making it Home: the power of landscape to create good housing," which argues against "an unacceptable emphasis on quantity, not quality."

•   King continues his high hopes for repurposing defunct Bay Bridge span that "would signal our region's environmental priorities."

•   Betsky weighs in on the new American embassy in London: "it will try to turn what is usually a bunker into a giant piece of cubic zirconium that will have a certain splendor...icily elegant in its isolation" (and a few choice words for the runners-ups).

•   Heathcote visits Vitra campus: "a fascinating comment on how culture is blending into commerce," where H&deM's VitraHaus is "a tacit acknowledgement of the increasingly intimate connection between the two" (it's also "a spectacular piece of architecture").

•   Stephens visits Berlin's Neues Museum, "where the contrast between the new (austere, sometimes too cold) and the least allows you to know what came before and what did not."

•   An impressive shortlist to create a new home for the Design Museum inside London's Commonwealth Institute.

•   Lange minces no words about why she thinks Ouroussoff is not a good enough critic: "He is not making a case for keeping the breed" (scathingly blunt - ouch!).

•   Scheeren sheds Koolhaas, adding to the list of OMA spin-offs - a "stunning roster of young talent" Rem has trained and nurtured.

•   Call for entries: DBIA 2010 National Design-Build Awards Competition.


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