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Today’s News - Monday, February 15, 2010

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of Manglano-Ovalle's half-scale, inverted version of Mies van der Rohe's uncompleted 50x50 House at MASS MoCA.

•   Q&A with co-author of a new study re: women, transit, and fear: it's time for transit agencies and architects to bring women into the planning process.

•   Foster's Yale School of Management passes another approval hurdle, but will it "become a glorious addition to the city" or a "monument to corporate control."

•   A new tower in Seoul will sport a pleated façade that's "more than just an intriguing design gesture."

•   Glancey issues a plea to "let the Ben Hur in you dip into your toga" to save Colchester Roman Circus from being buried under a housing estate.

•   A great view from "sky pod" atop a proposed tower in Dublin doesn't have everyone convinced it's better than what's already there.

•   A young architect is on a mission to save Katmandu's soul and its rich architectural history being lost to concrete high-rises: "These new building models are an act of arrogance."

•   In Armenia, a former Yerevan landmark is still rubble - 7 years after it was demolished, with not much optimism about the future of the site.

•   A review of three new 2010 World Cup stadiums in South Africa (a funicular and giraffes included) + Soccer City Stadium is the architect's dream that he has been chasing for a long time.

•   An eyeful of four shortlisted proposals for Loch Ness harbor (monster not included - yet).

•   Almost 10 years later, a "trailblazing" townhouse project in a Vancouver backwater continues to inspire.

•   Clusters of small environmental ventures are sharing green office spaces - and projects.

•   Four fellows named for Made in Midtown, a land use and zoning study of Manhattan's Garment District.

•   At 79, Earl Swensson sees even better things to come for Nashville: "Dreaming is very important."

•   Concrete Cloth suitable for any number of applications (like in Haiti, perhaps?).

•   Shape Vancouver 2050 website lets you imagine a taller city: "a neat tool, if a bit of a one-liner: Want a better Vancouver? Build tall."

•   Calatrava to design sets for NYC Ballet's season themed "Architecture and Dance."

•   MMPI launches Buildex Chicago this June.

•   Who knew there were plans to build a 2,000-foot tower in Manhattan - in 1952?


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