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Today’s News - Tuesday, December 22, 2009

•   An intriguing essay about the "high cost of ignoring beauty" (that will most likely make traditionalists cheer and infuriate the modern-minded).

•   A Dutch architect imagines cities built on water (one may be built soon).

•   Heathcote cheers H&deM's Miami parking garage: "This is not a conventional piece of regeneration."

•   Pearman compares Zaha's Maxxi and Caruso St John Nottingham Contemporary (they actually do have certain things in common).

•   More on Mather's Ashmolean: the "outwardly near-invisible nature of the building" is "crisp, fancy-free and timeless."

•   Not all are pleased with Oslo's planned Munch Museum: it "may be so dominant that it simply takes too much attention" from the nearby (and new) opera house.

•   Another Gehry for NYC - this one a theater on Theater Row.

•   RMIT plans a "green brain" for Melbourne (are Melburnians ready for it?).

•   Princeton students measure their campus' exterior lighting with expectations it will be useful to the school's green aspirations and improve campus quality of life.

•   Warhol Foundation funds project to turn the row of homes facing the Watts Towers into an aesthetically engaging place to visit and live.

•   CABE comes through with funding for 21 British architecture and built environment centers.

•   Kamin reports on another major setback for preservationists' bid to landmark Michael Reese Hospital complex.

•   Woodman lists his pick of "remarkable buildings" of 2009.

•   Long reviews the decade of British architecture (and they both agree on what the best of both is).

•   Maurice Cox ruminates on his stint at NEA, winning the Bacon Prize, and much more.

•   Charles Renfro and Sarah Morris ruminate on how the Bauhaus legacy has informed their own work.

•   Musings on the history, "superb craftsmanship," and continuing engineering mystery of King's College Chapel.

•   Has a Duke University engineer solved the mystery of the golden ratio?

•   An eyeful of Canadian Architect's 2009 Awards of Excellence winners.

•   Charles Rennie Mackintosh graces a new £100 bank note (if you have one, spend it wisely).


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