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Today’s News - Tuesday, November 24, 2009

•   Walker compares (sometimes amusingly) presidential libraries and what they say about their namesakes' legacies.

•   King looks at San Francisco's "phantom skyline" of what-ifs, and how even "booms gone bust alter our surroundings in subtle, lasting ways."

•   Moore wants London mayor to be clearer about what he wants the city to look like: "a thrusting metropolis of the 21st century...or with Georgian proportions and imperial colonnades?"

•   Ouroussoff gives a hearty thumbs-up to H&deM's Miami Art Museum: it is "mesmerizing architecture" that "avoids the pitfalls of much recent museum design, which is no small feat" (though he expects others will snipe).

•   Helsinki's new music center will make up for 40 years of bad acoustics (Aalto was more interested in "his fantasy and his vision" than what an orchestra sounded like).

•   Correa claims Kolkata "has turned its back on its river, unlike Paris or London, and paid a heavy price for the apathy" (but all is not lost yet).

•   Vyborg is letting its architectural heritage crumble to the ground.

•   Baillieu doesn't buy the call CABE's Sorrell put out for architects to refuse a job rather than produce a bad building: it is "likely to result in worse buildings in the sectors that matter most."

•   "Dangerous by Design" report documents unsafe streets and what needs to be done: "making isolated safety improvements after a crash is not enough...We need Complete Streets policies that ensure that every road is planned and designed from the outset."

•   A good reason to head to Bali next week: inaugural Design Life 2009 conference.

•   Call for entries: Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial; RFQ for Seattle's landmark Lower Kinnear Park; and 2010 Bentley Student Design Competition.

•   One we couldn't resist: The Best New Buildings of the Decade! covers "all types of '00s insanity" in NYC.


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