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Today’s News - Monday, November 16, 2009

•   ArcSpace brings us Ando in Venice and a "visual celebration" of leopards (indeed!).

•   USGBC report: green construction will add billions to U.S. GDP and create 8 million new jobs (here's hoping!).

•   Hawthorne cheers the opening of L.A.'s 8 new metro stations: "More transit means more pedestrians...and new interest in our long-neglected streetscapes and public sphere."

•   Forgey returns from Toronto with lessons for D.C.'s "contextual community...Loosen up."

•   "Context\Contrast" at NYC's Center for Architecture puts the importance of context under a microscope: "the chief battleground for a happy city is the architectural word "context."

•   A new gallery in Johannesburg is "a small building with a big attitude" that "makes it hard not to wonder from where it appeared" (looks very cool to us).

•   Grimshaw called on the carpet by environmentalists for taking on Heathrow's third runway project: they're going "to try to persuade the firm to stand down from the job."

•   Lewis on architects' love of glass - for better and worse.

•   Traditional building arts continue to thrive in the capital of Yemen's Old City: "They experimented for hundreds of years to find these techniques...nowadays we are building houses with a very stupid concept."

•   Dyckhoff hails the new Puritanism in architecture, celebrating the "austerity" of Caruso St John's Nottingham Contemporary: "This, ladies and gentlemen, is an anti-icon."

•   Saffron cheers a new visitors center for FLW's often-overlooked (and only) synagogue.

•   Princeton celebrates the re-opening of Whig Hall after an overhaul of a 1972 overhaul of the 1893 building.

•   Lubetkin's 1930s buildings at Dudley Zoo, listed as endangered the WMF, may have a bright future.

•   Glancey takes a TV series to task for seeing "Britain's art-deco history through neon-tinted glasses" (it "should get its history straight").

•   Mack cheers Moe: "If you favored preservation before, you'll really like it when you realize it's the ultimate green movement."

•   An eyeful of two architects quietly spreading their brand of sustainable design in northern Baja, Mexico, turning trash into interesting architecture.

•   We couldn't resist: a prize-winning public potty in Austin just keeps racking up international accolades for its "exquisite simplicity" (and pix to prove it).


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