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Today’s News - Friday, October 9, 2009

•   It's a he-says-he-says in an alphabet-soup of now-rivals over Heron Tower.

•   Kamin talks to Calatrava: don't be too quick to stick an R.I.P. sign on his Chicago Spire; re: his Ground Zero transit hub: "these horizontal buildings are enormously complex."

•   CABE not ready to give a thumbs-up to Birmingham library plans; fears there will be budgetary shortcuts that could skimp on materials.

•   Dubai and Abu Dhabi: towering achievements, but not much Arab influence (some architects blame it on the clients).

•   Aga Khan Trust for Culture works to preserve Afghanistan's heritage for those who live among it: "This is more radical than it sounds" in "a low-trust society where no one gives - or expects - something for nothing."

•   A solar village begins to bloom on National Mall + an amusing take on what student teams are up against.

•   EPA 2009 Lifecycle Building Challenge 3 winners announced.

•   Building's Sustainability Awards 2009 shortlist announced.

•   An eyeful of the shortlisted designs for Abbey Green in Barking, each with a "very different approach to the space."

•   In South Africa, three "vastly different, but creative and innovative designs" make the cut for the Border Kei Institute of Architects regional award.

•   Q&A with Ken Smith re: the crucial role of inter-disciplinary design teams in making green infrastructure projects work, and the future of sustainable design.

•   A lively video of a summer student workshop assigned to redesign Madrid's AZCA District.

•   Vergara turns his artful eye on the "forbidding, prisonlike architecture of ghetto day care centers" (depressing but entrancing).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Rotterdam's architecture biennial is (mostly) an "indigestible exposition" that "combines a vast volume of information with curatorial vagueness."

•   Dyckhoff cheers Chipperfield (celebrated with a show at the Design Museum): "let me introduce you to the biggest British architectural export of his generation, the starchitect nobody's heard of."

•   Saffron cheers "Fertile Ground," a "free-for-all showcase" of some emerging Philadelphia firms: "Is this the appearance of a new Philadelphia School?"

•   Groves grooves on FLW's sketch of Cottage Studio for Ayn Rand: that it "was never realized might not be a bad thing."

•   Page turners: Krier's "The Architecture of Community": he may take his argument to troubling extremes, but "his point about the structure and sustainability of cities is unassailable."

•   Kaplan wrestles with "Wrestling Moses": "Who knew then that the machinations debated...would forever change the way cities would be shaped and misshaped."

•   "My Kind of Transit: Rethinking Public Transportation in America" is "far from a boring treatise on the need for public transit."

•   "Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman" is "a precious and intimate entry into the life, work, and philosophy" of the great photographer.


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