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Today’s News - Monday, August 24, 2009

•   ArcSpace brings us everything London: "Architecture, Art and Design combined with Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food...What a swell party this was :)"

•   Dittmar defends the prince: he "wants to curb 'starchitects' with laws giving ordinary people the right to help shape projects" (which, of course, has starchitects "terrified").

•   Ouroussoff on the New York Five: "To some, the group embodies the last heroic period in New York architecture" (i.e., all the good new work is by Left Coast, French, and Japanese architects).

•   Heathcote stands in awe of Korea's Paju Book City, "one of the most extraordinary and most unsung cultural and architectural developments in the world."

•   Two young architects are taking a novel approach to improving housing in India's slums (worth a trip through the links).

•   Is it really "bye-bye, Dubai" time?

•   A very different take in a comparison between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

•   Saffron x 2 cheers: the renovation of "Philadelphia's most influential 20th-century building" (it only looks "ordinary"); and signs of life for Kahn's Roosevelt memorial in NYC.

•   We're disheartened by the news that Scotland's The Lighthouse may have to close its doors (fingers crossed it doesn't!).

•   More on the battle to save Gropius in Chicago.

•   Kamin on proposals that could save parts of Michael Reese Hospital complex: they may not rate gold medals, but at least some members of Chicago's architecture community are forming those plans instead of cowering on the sidelines."

•   Groves on a developer's plan to save Brentwood's mid-century Barry Building: tearing it down and rebuilding three times its original size would make it the greatest "victory for historic preservation in the entire history of the city" (on what planet?).

•   Not all are pleased with Stanford's children's hospital expansion design, claiming it has morphed into "not just a horse of a different color - a zebra...a big, scary box with very sharp edges."

•   Webb finds Madame Tussauds Hollywood "makes a surprisingly public statement...a subtly modeled structure that is neutral yet has presence" (great views from the roof, too).

•   Q&A with Michelle Kaufmann: she's back in the prefab game with bigger plans than ever.

•   Despommier on why "the time is right for the world to build the first vertical farm in an urban center."

•   Green thumb needed: London's first living wall dies.


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