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Today’s News - Thursday, July 16, 2009

•   Lewis says the new Office of Urban Affairs "has its work cut out for it," but with wise leadership from the White House, it can proactively help manage and shape metropolitan growth.

•   A new approach to urban malls in NYC: will it make them "at least palatable"? (depends on who you ask).

•   Becker minces no words about the architectural component of the Burnham centennial tribute: "A band of devoted Europhiles would have us believe that the glory of Chicago architecture is delusional bunk."

•   Kamin on the Burnham Memorial: "Design stirs spirits, but location stirs questions - a classic case of top-down planning."

•   West 8 replaces Gehry for park design on his New World Symphony's campus.

•   Moore reports from Moscow: "Why have real history when you can have a glamorous make-believe version of the past?"

•   Carbone wanders Golden Gate Park, "anticipating a delicious serving of world-class architecture" (for the most part, he was not disappointed).

•   Ouroussoff is enthralled with Ito's Taiwan stadium: it "is just as intoxicating" as H&deM's Bird's Nest.

•   At a Las Vegas crossroads (that includes a "typical Gehry WTF? crushed can of titanium-faced curving forms") are the "makings of either the most interesting block of architecture in city, or a train wreck."

•   A new green building at Ithaca College occupants "are warming up to the idea of working in an environment that requires a little interaction" (well, most of them, anyway).

•   A new hotel in Cambodia is creating a buzz in architectural circles: was it really designed by Cambodia's "most remarkable modern architect and engineer" (and will it actually be completed)?

•   Aravena of Chile takes this year's (very generous) Marcus Prize for Architecture.

•   Will the 3D printer be the production-manufacturing model of the future?

•   2009 Best Firms To Work For.

•   Despite the current downturn, things are looking up for ASLA convention in September.

•   We couldn't resist: Thailand Creative & Design Center wants to give the iconic noodle cart a makeover.


A Space Within - The National September 11 Memorial and Museum

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