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Today’s News - Wednesday, June 24, 2009

•   ANN launches a new series by research specialist Gretes about market research strategies, why they're so critical in these difficult times, and research techniques to guide you through this "information tsunami."

•   An insightful breakdown of just how much of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is going to architectural services.

•   U.S. Energy Secretary Chu on global warming and the importance of updating energy-efficient building practices globally: "Buildings are local. We don't ship buildings to Denmark."

•   A new report offers a practical guide to "thriving in the downturn" - and yet another wave goodbye to the age of iconic buildings.

•   Stephens delves deep into why cities shouldn't buy into the convention center economy: "an example of the tail wagging the dog."

•   Thumbs-up and thumbs down re: Liverpool's Mann Island project (will it really "steal the sky"?).

•   The death and transformation of the American architect: "It is essential to the future of the American City that architects grasp this transformation and become masters of their own future again."

•   Davidson has a long conversation with Gehry - a must and most engaging read re: just about everything (his take on "starchitecture" triggers "a tirade revealing deep wells of grandiosity and resentment").

•   Another take on Bata's "gutsy plan" to reinvent Batawa.

•   Kamin revisits his alma mater and talks about how the "storybook New England campus" should evolve.

•   BIG wins big in Estonia (great pix).

•   RMJM wins big in Glasgow (great fly-through).

•   Foster's Spaceport America actually taking off.

•   Davidson revels in the "slightly lunatic feel of an urban encampment" that is the new Times Square.

•   A good reason to head to a hot Las Vegas in July: the always cool SMPS national conference.

•   We couldn't resist: Christopher Wren lived here - or did he?

•   Speck offers Dwell an amusing alternative table of contents to its current issue.


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