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Today’s News - Tuesday, June 16, 2009

•   It's a starchitect kind of news day: Calatrava gets a Florida gig.

•   Libeskind does prefab (no, not affordable housing, but "regional exclusivity" guarantees you'll be the only one on your block to have one).

•   No minced words here: Rogers gives his first interview re: "how a royal intervention scuppered his scheme for Chelsea Barracks," and calls for a national inquiry.

•   Hadid's Burnham pavilion is a bit behind schedule (oh, that pesky complex, computer-assisted design).

•   Geller offers 10 creative ways to increase affordable housing choices.

•   The growing fascination with temporary architecture.

•   Saffron cheers a Philadelphia school's greening of its playground, and the city's Greenworks plan to convert acres of asphalt into fully pervious land by 2015.

•   Walking the High Line: "it's a singular experience...a strange piece of infrastructure."

•   Nothing lost in translation with a bit of Il Giornale dell'Architettura: revisiting Koolhaas's Seattle library 5 years later (it's not all good news); Piano's Modern Wing is "daintily structured, and rakishly hatted"; Zumthor "has become a world architect almost in spite of himself"; and Guggenheim's Wright exhibition "may well be the last hurrah for a kind of grandiosity," but its visual treats are not to be missed.

•   Becker talks to Balmond re: "will the new austerity banish his kind of architecture for good?" (and a brief history of the Indian Rope Trick)

•   Lifson chats with Piano about all things Chicago (and beyond).

•   Q&A with Earthship Biotecture's Reynolds: "a builder of castles made of trash."

•   Q&A with Yona Friedman: "It is odd that an opponent of planning should dislike LA. 'There is no such place,' he says."

•   Critics decry George Lucas's plans for a Hearst Castle copycat (doubtful Julia Morgan would win in court).

•   AJ offers a better idea: Lucas should look "closer to home for inspiration: his Star Wars films are full of wonderful architecture."

•   RIAI Irish Architectural Awards shortlist announced (it's not so short).

•   Call for entries: Architect Magazine Annual Design Review; and Visitor's Center for Newark, N.J. International Competition.


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