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Today’s News - Thursday, June 4, 2009

•   Kamin on landmark law turmoil: "If Chicago's law falls, could ordinances in New York or Los Angeles also be toppled?"

•   A wrecking ball headed for parts of Dinosaur National Monument's 1958 visitors center (at least a cool part will be saved).

•   Filler finds plenty to criticize about Lincoln Center, "parts of which annoy me more and more as time goes by," but "one cannot imagine life in America's cultural capital without it."

•   Brussat (as expected) takes on the Modernist onslaught of Providence: "The uglitarians are inside the gates"; and an image gallery to prove his point.

•   Appelbaum on Times Square's lesson in design value: "the plan that gets people together quickly and cheaply should guide policymaking...a convincing start toward reinventing a city."

•   Financially-strapped Chicago is losing the battle against "sight blight" by "joining the push to commercialize the public way."

•   A peek at Viñoly's latest re-do of Battersea.

•   Legorreta is "happy" with the almost-complete Fort Worth Museum of Science and History; it will be "'an environment of happiness and playfulness,' not a sacred or intimidating place."

•   An eyeful of Wood's design for Apple's 2nd Beijing store that will combine classic Chinese design with Mac's signature glass and metal.

•   An eyeful of 49th Annual LA Architectural Award-winners signifies "a shift from praising spindly sky-grazing towers to humble community assets."

•   Antonelli's "new map for design" includes a shift to "a practice of experimentation, ideas take precedence over products."

•   L.A. MoCA lays off architecture curator Hodge, cancels blockbuster Morphosis show, but says it is "committed to its architecture and design program" (sans curator).

•   Students in Louisville and Tacoma reinvent a run-down neighborhood and re-think housing using shipping containers.

•   India's Council of Architecture makes it a bit easier for students to major in architecture.

•   China's Ordos Prize will be first to award a commission to design a building.

•   Call for EOI/PPQ: Competition revamp Manchester's civic center.

•   Call for entries: AJ Common of Houses competition to solve the controversy over MPs' second homes.

•   We couldn't resist: East German airplane to become luxury hotel in the Netherlands (whirlpool and sauna included).


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