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Today’s News - Monday, June 1, 2009

•   ArcSpace brings us Pugh + Scarpa in Santa Monica, and Morphosis in Maryland.

•   Calys finds San Francisco's SPUR "an honest piece of architecture."

•   Hawthorne x 2: he looks into the labyrinth of controversies, political and aesthetic, surround L.A.'s new arts school (was Prix the right pick?).

•   His take on why Century Plaza hotel is worth saving from a plan for "a district still largely unwalkable," but would make it "newly unremarkable."

•   Lewis says the imminent demolition of D.C.'s Brutalist church is not necessarily "a harbinger of things to come...with a creative facade makeover, even the brutal can be made beautiful."

•   Hunt howls at the "disregard for Britain's greatest socialist architect."

•   A call for Leeds not to cut down its "concrete jungle" (the "annoyance factor they provide to the old guard is almost reason enough to preserve them").

•   Labor agreement saves Gehry's Beekman Tower (and many other NYC projects) from getting cut off at the knees.

•   SOM's Pearl River Tower offers a glimmer of hope in polluted Chinese city (not all are convinced).

•   Re:Vision Dallas finalists offer off-the-grid solutions for a city block that could be working models of sustainability for cities around the world (worth linking to images).

•   An eyeful of winning designs to transform old London barges into new homes.

•   Atlanta's Civil Rights center picks a stellar landscape team.

•   Erickson supporters make plea for reflecting pool at Museum of Anthropology; and developer hopes to actually build the late architect's 60-storey skyscraper in Vancouver.

•   Climate change on our brain: U.S. Energy Secretary Chu wants to paint the world white to fight global warming; a new report documents the global impact of climate change on human society today; Yale researchers' study finds most polluted ecosystems can recover - in an amazingly short time.

•   Zumthor compares work to love affair: "There's a kind of chemical reaction" (and the hard work comes after the infatuation).

•   Australian Institute of Architects names new National President (she's young and green - in the sustainable sense).

•   Architect magazine's new annual ranking of the top 100 U.S. firms (criteria create a few surprises).

•   Mackintosh's Glasgow School of Art named the RIBA Journal's Stirling of Stirlings.


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