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Today’s News - Monday, May 18, 2009

•   Arcspace brings us Architects Collective & at.103 in Mexico City, and GRAFT in Berlin.

•   Forgey on the balancing act architects have to play when designing federal buildings post-9/11, and the "critical difference between overreaction and rational response."

•   Lewis on the "perfect recipe for boring buildings": it's "our utilitarian culture" that allows "architecturally banal and sometimes downright ugly" buildings.

•   Glancey faces down the "secretive bully-boy quango" that is CABE in his own town (will he frame the letters, or use them as beds for his giant, flop-eared rabbits?).

•   Saffron cheers Philadelphia's own Piazza Navona: instead of "a cheap, cringe-worthy theme park" - "Actually, it's pretty wonderful."

•   Experts urge NYC to Disney-fy Coney Island (theme park experts, of course).

•   Russian officials claim 2014 Winter Olympics site in Sochi is a "huge construction site" (guerilla farmers and rusting cars tell a different story).

•   Hume says there's "plenty of time for Canadians to think of reasons not to participate" in Milan's Expo 2015: "It's so much easier just to stay home."

•   Pitt picks second batch of architects for "Make It Right" - this time, for duplexes.

•   Kennicott gives (mostly) thumbs-up to National Trust's Most Endangered list: "When they hold their yearly adopt-a-puppy day, they don't slight the mutts, the mangy and the ill-tempered."

•   Gardner Museum's plans for a Piano expansion have preservationists up in arms.

•   In Germany, another bridge threatens UNESCO status in Germany; and upscale villa owners protest a public shoreline path that would trace the route of the Berlin Wall.

•   Want to get all NIMBY about a jail? Blame the architects.

•   Goldberger and Davidson give very positive spins to Guggenheim's FLW show: it's great to see the museum "at least a bit closer to its 1959 condition"; and "a bracing tonic to today's narrow horizons and diminished ambitions."

•   Dyckhoff dishes the dirt with Zaha: "People say it's the end of the icon's too simplistic to say there'll be no more exuberance in architecture."

•   How did an Italian architect (and a woman, to boot) end up designing space shoes?

•   "Design for the Children" competition winners from Bangladesh, Sydney, and U.S.; and AIA names recipients of 2009 Small Project Awards.


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