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Today’s News - Thursday, May 14, 2009

•   Ouroussoff ogles Piano's Modern Wing that weaves Chicago's "rich architectural history into a cohesive vision, one that is made more beautiful by its remarkable fragility."

•   Russell, on the other hand, finds that though it is "impeccably proportioned" and "brings an elegant aloofness to the cityscape, it also points to the infatuation of risk-averse trustees."

•   Kamin has a high old time on Piano's bridge to Millennium Park, the Modern Wing's "playful sidekick" that "delivers fun with a capital 'F'" (let's hope they fix the wobble).

•   Heathcote visits an "extraordinary campus for music" where "the industrial, the agricultural, the vernacular and the modern" are blended to protect "the innocence of the place.'"

•   Another showdown looms for Milwaukee's lakefront (same players as its last "battle royal").

•   Hume hopes southern Ontario policy-makers will pay heed to a new report to bring retail into line with the provincial goal of greater sustainability (and less sprawl).

•   Heathcote on a new British regeneration report: while new public projects will be subject to new design standards, "it remains to be seen whether the mooted improvements will address some thornier issues."

•   How two young New York architects are succeeding "without going through the 'right' schools or firms."

•   Rose on "probably the crappiest building Mies ever designed" in Chicago - and his amusing solution to how to save it.

•   D.C. sides with Third Church of Christ, Scientist and says o.k. to demolishing its "Brutalist atrocity" (but the battle isn't over).

•   Brussat's brutal take on Providence's Capitol Cove: "with a traditional look could have boosted the economy. Instead, ugliness drags it down."

•   Calys on San Francisco's new Oakland Bay Bridge: "In spite of all the politics and cost snafus," it will be an iconic structure.

•   Pedersen takes Ouroussoff to task for neglecting "the messy nature of design authorship."

•   Iovine on "the lust of the recent past for limited-edition design objects" and how it is being redirected (a good thing).

•   Saffron gives thumbs-up to the "antithesis of the McMansion": urban homes are the smallest, most energy-efficient, and lowest priced...just the sort of house America needs right now."

•   Gordon tools around a California eco-architect's house in Big Sur: "Part hobbit hole, part high-tech habitat, it's a perfect blend of old hippie values and the newest in green thinking" (great slide show, too).

•   An eyeful of 10 other great green houses.

•   Call for entries: Chain of Eco-Homes Green Design Competition: create home design concepts for Greensburg, Kansas.

•   Cool news from our favorite online viewing site: TEDTalks Open Translation Project brings subtitles in 40+ languages.


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