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Today’s News - Monday, April 27, 2009

•   ArcSpace brings us a Fuksas parish in Foligno, and Dublin's new convention center.

•   Campbell finds out what some Boston architects are doing to get by: they "aren't used to being rich. They're in it to survive."

•   Some frontline marketing strategies to help beat the recession.

•   An interesting analysis of why China's grand plans for eco-cities are being scrapped (perhaps not all will agree).

•   The skyline as marketing device: a look at Britain's changing cityscapes over the last 10 years: "how did fancy architecture become the calling card of choice for ambitious urban centers?"

•   An eyeful of L.A.'s new housing projects for the homeless that move well "beyond the architecture of survival."

•   Future Scotland debates at The Lighthouse worth keeping an eye on: "such opportunities for the public to influence policy-makers, planners and other building professionals are disappearing by the day."

•   WSJ invites some architects to design the green home of the future (we can only hope they'll become reality one day).

•   Pedersen offers high praise (and lots of pix) for the "youthful gusto" of students' winning entries in the Billes Architecture Home Design Competition.

•   Finding irony in the Chelsea Barracks debate: "buttresses are flying in all directions"; the irony: the prince and the Modernists have actually "found a lot of common ground" in recent years.

•   Heathcote on Prada's Transformer: "this strange event suits Koolhaas perfectly: a slightly ugly object set in the grounds of a beautiful palace in an ugly city."

•   Meanwhile, Koolhaas reflects on recessions and fires: "I don't even know about the word 'downturn'... we have no stability anyway...That is why we are very good at improvisation."

•   Jacobs expects van Berkel's pavilion in Lower Manhattan will be "one of those unexpected urban treats...a small token of civilization that represents this city's virtues far better than any number of starchitect condos."

•   Making Pittsburgh's new Children's Hospital more user-friendly involved a lot more than just focus groups (great pix, too).

•   King finds new Napa Valley wineries that "offer refreshing proof that even within the Napa wine scene, innovative contemporary design has a place" (great pix, too).

•   Saffron cheers a photographer documenting the "the exuberant design that arose amid the cookie-cutter blandness of a bedroom community" in Northeast Philadelphia.

•   Google doing good (again): a mapping project to identify wildlife-compatible sites for green energy projects.

•   Meier decides to reopen his Long Island City model "museum."

•   ULI Announces 2009 Awards For Excellence winners (a bit slim on details).

•   Part of RIBA 175th anniversary doings: "Stirling of Stirlings" - vote for your personal favorite buildings from the last 175 years.

•   Calls for entries: Unbuilt Architecture Design Awards; and One Good Chair 2009: "Fit Right Here" challenge.


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