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Today’s News - Friday, April 10, 2009

•   This week ends on some contentious notes: Is the RIBA right to invite Prince Charles to speak? Yes, says Robert Adam; no, counters Jack Pringle.

•   Anderton counters Sinclair's "architecture of excess vs. an architecture of relevance": it's "an irrelevant debate."

•   Arieff on designing through a depression: it "might mean fewer platinum cell phones but also more worthwhile ideas."

•   Lamster says criticism of new Mets and the Yankee stadiums (including Ouroussoff) miss the mark: "The problems with these new ballparks go far beyond mere questions of style; they strike at the essence of what it means to create good design."

•   Calys on the continuing debate about CAMP: "what could have been an example of public consensus building has instead become polarized and divisive. Can the reset button be pushed?"

•   Lincoln Center's new Tully Hall: "A vast, heavy structure now feels like origami paper folded around air" (a good thing).

•   Rothstein roams Monticello's new visitors center: the "architects wisely give their subject pride of place" (great slide show).

•   LS&H tapped for new Rush University cancer treatment center in Chicago.

•   Call for entries x 2: red dot awards for design concept and communication design.

•   Students take center stage in Archiprix International 2009.

•   icon picks 20 architects and 20 designers who are already changing the way we work and think - now cast your vote!

•   Weekend diversions: MoMA's "In Situ: Architecture and Landscape" explores the relationship between the built environment and its surrounding landscape over the last 100 years.

•   Patrick Blanc's "The Vertical Garden" illuminates the "poetry of his work and his oeuvre's prospects for changing architectural vocabulary."

•   Hatherley visits Corbu show: "in the face of all this eclecticism...I choose the architect who thrived on the most intense intellectual frictions."

•   Filler fills up on 8 Corbu tomes.

•   Chris Wilkinson says "Energise! A Future For Energy Innovation" may be "a heavy read," but anyone aspiring to be green should make the time to take in "information that is too important to ignore."

•   A new guide offers tips for tapping into the stimulus plan: projects may not be bread-and-butter, "but they will help fill the void."


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