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Today’s News - Tuesday, March 24, 2009

•   April is American City Quality Month to move towards a better coordinated intergovernmental and private sector approach and commitment to better quality city planning and redevelopment (public encouraged to join the discussion - what a concept!).

•   Economy vs. environment: "the world's principal source of man-made greenhouse gases has always been prosperity" (a bright spot in hard times?).

•   A bureaucratic nightmare (we kid you not!) for two preservation architects trying to restore a New Orleans home for low-income buyers.

•   Q&A with McDonough re: Cradle to Cradle thinking and the role that Wal-Mart may play in leading the charge.

•   Dangerous building practices in Uganda: unregistered architects designing buildings and qualified architects signing off on dangerous drawings without reviewing.

•   Dyckhoff on efforts to landmark 1970s architecture: "Some people, I bet, would rather consign the whole decade to the dustbin...My childhood needs saving!"

•   Mumbai preservationists oppose planned infestation of "yellow caterpillars, a.k.a. colored skywalks (maybe Minneapolis has a few for sale?).

•   An ambitious plan to fully realize Utzon's vision for the Sydney Opera House: is it worth $1 billion? (who knows - the plan is still under wraps).

•   Beirut taps Catalano for its new Arts and Culture House to propel the city "back into the group of important cultural ports" (and described in a post-conflict lexicon, using words like "cuts," "boundary" and "scars" - sorry - no pix).

•   Denver taps team for $500 million Union Station redevelopment.

•   Gallagher gives thumbs-up to Cloepfil's University of Michigan Museum of Art expansion: the "new wing offers the best of what modernism is supposed to offer" (great slide show).

•   Kamin cheers Chicago's "audacious dream" for river walk: it "promises to turn the river from a natural feature that divides downtown into a seam that unites it" (and it will be ready by summer!).

•   Rykwert on the "great chainsaw massacre" of London's urban tree canopy: wake up architects! "Tree husbandry is a skill we still need to learn."

•   Q&A with Whitechapel Gallery director: she's glad she decided to spend £900,000.

•   Calls for entries: Architecture for Humanity's 2009 Open Architecture Challenge: Classroom. - "City of Dreams": design one hole on mini golf course on Governors Island. - Temporary Outdoor Gallery Space 2 (TOGS 2) registration deadline extended.


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