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Today’s News - Monday, March 9, 2009

•   ArcSpace brings us two dental clinics in Berlin by Graft (might be worth getting a toothache just to visit - or give you one).

•   A call for Israel to tackle urban blight instead of using "green city" as a marketing ploy (and an excellent analysis of why it's so difficult).

•   A long stroll through Beijing's Olympic Forest Park, the city's "real Bird's Nest" and "evidence of social transformation."

•   Is San Francisco's Transbay Terminal design already obsolete?

•   Stephens on the crusade to put free parking in reverse, and the "Shoup-ist" movement to bring about change in a "land use that is as ubiquitous as it is vapid." - Perhaps the compressed air AIRPod is one answer (we couldn't resist - it's just too cute!).

•   Boston picks the winning design for a green mega-project that could mend a tear in the city's urban fabric (+ pix of designs that didn't win).

•   A new lease on life for decommissioned oil rigs: luxury eco-resorts (and pix to prove it).

•   de Portzamparc tapped for Brussels's new Euroquarter (space for people included - what a concept!).

•   Campbell on a new Boston library branch that turns the page in library design: "a building in which architecture is never unaware of human needs."

•   Glancey on the "architecture of recession": no need to despair - it's a good time to regroup for the next boom (from the "New Modesty" to a "Modesty Blaze," perhaps?).

•   U.S. architects turn the building bust into an opportunity to nurture inner growth.

•   An amusing call for starchitects "to look out the window of their ivory tower" (and let their students have some fun!).

•   Edgar Gonzalez visits Niemeyer's French Communist Party HQ in Paris: "It's not trying to be witty or clever" (great pix!).

•   Anchors away! Venturi's Lieb House sets sail from NJ to Long Island this week - and NYC's Storefront for Art and Architecture is ready (definitely worth getting up early on Friday!).

•   Call for entries: "rouse[D]" international open ideas competition to re-invent Detroit.

•   Winners all: 2009 AIA/ALA Library Building Awards; and Greener Gadgets Design Competition Winners (some very cool gadgets!).


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