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Today’s News - Wednesday, March 4, 2009

•   Weinstein's Words That Build Tip #12: How to take advantage of otherwise annoying interruptions.

•   BREEAM, LEED, and Green Star hope to play nice to come up with new global standard for carbon emissions to measure the environmental impact of buildings.

•   The greening of the prison-industrial complex.

•   Saffron x 2: a cheer for Philadelphia's mayor moving forward with waterfront plans; and a thumbs-up (with some reservations) on plans to improve Philly's Dilworth Plaza and upgrade the transit concourse below.

•   A big cheer for Calgary's plans to build Calatrava-designed pedestrian bridges: it would "signify an 'urban maturity' and desire to exist in a well-designed city" (and $25 million well-spent).

•   Calys's take on new Presidio museum design and the "unexpected twist" that leaves opponents stunned.

•   A "disposable" building for U.N.'s art collection while HQ undergoes major revamp.

•   Woodman x 2 re: the "wave of optimism" splashing along some of Britain's seasides, especially Folkestone and its "stunning new arts building" (2nd report includes building review and lots of pix).

•   Hawthorne's video interview with Gehry, and how fish forms became part of his formal repertoire.

•   Kaplicky's "octopus" may not be dead in the water. - Prague Mayor criticizes book about Kaplický's "blob" (even though he hasn't actually read it).

•   Huge Hollywood ambitions rising in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

•   History in ruins as Cologne's historical archive (dating back to 922) inexplicably collapses; historians "hope something can be salvaged, but the future of the city's past is grim."

•   Luxury piano maker finds a way around the economic crisis: moves into furniture-making mode.

•   Questions arise re: authenticity of recently-auctioned (for $72,000) Empire State massing model.


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