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Today’s News - Monday, February 23, 2009

•   ArcSpace takes us to UNStudio's theater in Graz.

•   Design will be critical to get cities "out of the social, ecological and economic mess we're in."

•   Q&A with "Boris's brain," a.k.a. London's planning guru ("at least his boss is a laugh").

•   Bayley on the extreme possibilities presented by Passivhaus and revolving towers: "a solemn fugue or a drunken samba."

•   Kamin finds "skill and artistry" in a new Chicago tower for senior living

•   The best way to achieve sustainable office space: "think twice about designing any new office buildings," says Frank Duffy.

•   Small is beautiful + Heathcote's favorite mini-boxes.

•   Davidson cheers two architects who offer "far more than lip service" to affordable housing: "pinched budgets need not translate into poverty of imagination."

•   Harvard students + BMW's "cloth car" = coastal houses that can rise and fall with the tides.

•   Hume cheers new home of University of Toronto's economics department: "a minor architectural marvel, an object lesson in how to make a little go a long way."

•   Heathcote sits down with the architect who had a hand in transforming London's two Vics.

•   SANAA tapped to design this year's Serpentine.

•   A 1% solution has San Francisco's Uptown Tenderloin History Museum on track.

•   A call to preserve architectural heritage in Lagos.

•   Ito leads donations to Australia bushfire recovery; other architects rally as well.

•   Armani's 5th Avenue megastore by Fuksas: NYC's "second Guggenheim"(?!).

•   More on Venturi's Lieb House saga.

•   Call for entries: EPA's 8th Annual National Award for Smart Growth Achievement.

•   We couldn't resist: Atlantis is found! (well...probably not...)


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