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Today’s News - Friday, February 13, 2009

•   Of public spaces and bicycles: a look and what's right - and wrong - with privately-owned public spaces.

•   Are the British any good at designing public space? No, says Martha Schwartz; yes, says Sarah Gaventas.

•   Louisville has high hopes to build a bike commuter station with "some really cool architecture" (showers included).

•   NYC's latest road war: bike lanes; "We would never have predicted that bike lanes could provoke so much upset."

•   Jacobs' take on a $20K house: "Can well-designed dwellings really be built for this price?" - and the heroes who are trying.

•   Morrish takes on aging trailer parks as part of a new urban housing model.

•   In Ohio, a steady diet of church work offers architects a chance to fill their plates.

•   Weekend diversions: Hawthorne on the future of "The Infrastructural City" of L.A.: "maybe there's room in this new political climate for a productive hybrid from teams of talented architects and engineers."

•   King revisits the "drolly definitive" "How to Look at Buildings" (1932), and finds value "beyond its retro charm."

•   We thought we were Palladio'd out, but along comes Williams: "an unintended consequence of this exhibition might be to reinforce the common perception that plagiarism has its merits."

•   Would Palladio "have wanted his classical toolbox to be exploited so slavishly" by Prince Charles's "posse of 'New Palladians'."

•   Palladio and Foster: both architects understand the importance of brand.

•   Saffron on "The Women": the "lurid story line of Wright's life makes him red meat for novelists...might it be a sign that the architectural profession is finally registering on America's cultural radar?"

•   Dissecting Frank Lloyd Wright's love life: furniture flies, but then what?

•   An eyeful of Gage/Clemenceau's "Valentine to Times Square" is truly a spectacle (we saw it, and it is!).

•   We couldn't resist: a garbage truck that's powered by the garbage it collects (an idea we hope catches on); and a unique way to find a job (might put car at risk).

•   Happy Friday the 13th (it's always been good luck for us).


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