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Today’s News - Tuesday, January 6, 2009

•   We lose two masters: one who left his mark on Denver and the nation (and gone much too soon); the other shaped the U.N. logo.

•   Walljasper on how solutions to our global ills can be found in our own neighborhoods.

•   Green for All aims to find a remedy for both global warming and poverty.

•   Scientists dabble in urban design to find out how cities hurt our brains: mainly, a "stark lack of nature" to "provide a mental break from the urban roil."

•   The U.K. bulldozes rural housing curbs: protecting the environment should no longer be the overriding consideration in allowing development of affordable homes (a new definition of "sensitive development"?).

•   Despite criticism, American-style suburbs are sprouting up overseas.

•   Kaplan doth protest Palazzo Westwood Village: rather than "accessible urbanity," it's an "economically isolating banality...more boorish than Moorish."

•   How the recession is changing our tastes in housing: will McMansions turn into multi-family homes? "It will be fascinating to see how our new neighborhoods change as a result."

•   High hopes that modular weeHouses catch on.

•   Massie's America House 08: art object or machine for living in (depends on if it actually finds a buyer).

•   Prefab pioneer closes its doors - with hopes it will revive.

•   Dickinson on starchitecture vs. street cred, and a checklist of what the profession can do to have more relevance.

•   King on why three projects "still turn my head, years after they were built."

•   Cheek on four new high-rises that "stroke civic egos, with style" (well, for the most part).

•   Campbell on Thayer Academy's new arts building: it "will please the traditionalists without alienating the modernists."

•   Hess on a new building for low-income housing and homeless services that proves "good architecture isn't reserved for luxury condos anymore."

•   Fayetteville in the throes of museum debate doesn't bode well for Norten's "tall, beautiful and stark vision," but he "could certainly come back and take another go at it."

•   Shortlist announced for U.S. Marshals Museum in Arkansas.

•   Boggs & Partners gets the nod to design National Sailing Hall of Fame & Sailing Center in Annapolis.


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