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Today’s News - Thursday, December 18, 2008

•   Rybczynski reports on the Urban Design After the Age of Oil conference: scientists are skeptical; planners are hopeful: "there is something of a disconnect between the global-warming problem and the available solutions."

•   Mazria takes a 2030 Challenge Stimulus Plan to Capitol Hill (it sounds good to us!).

•   A call for Obama to bring architects and design leaders on board.

•   An in-depth look at how Behnisch Architekten is pushing architecture into new energy-efficient directions.

•   A project that merges neuroscience, architecture, psychology, and virtual reality to "get better architecture before a single brick is ever laid."

•   A detailed look at how RPI/SOM's CASE hopes to "to push building science into the 21st century."

•   Harvard GSD and BMW team to explore how the car maker's elastic skin technology might be used for low-energy housing.

•   A new urbanist future planned for Saarinen's Bell Labs.

•   Dyckhoff dishes with Piano re: the London's Shard of Glass: "I like to fight gravity" (yes, it's being built, and could be "strikingly prescient" rather than the predicted "white elephant").

•   Kennicott on the National Museum of American History overhaul: the building has "determinedly resisted" being made "more lovable," but architecturally, "mission accomplished."

•   Russell is rapturous over the rebirth of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

•   Hales isn't quite so happy with the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial (but we're glad to see her!).

•   Goldberger makes his pick of Architecture's Ten Best of 2008: "history will probably treat 2008 more kindly than it deserves."

•   "Leading lights of British architecture" remember their picks of highs and lows of '08.

•   Bad news last: November's ABI is abysmal (and we've not seen the bottom, yet).

•   Gehry "drops ax on Atlantic Yards staff" (could mean any number of things).

•   Hotel projects being abandoned in record numbers...except in Kolkata.


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