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Today’s News - Monday, December 8, 2008

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of Ito's Berkeley Art Museum.

•   Bayley takes his turn at Duany's rant against British architects: he's "correct to stigmatize the profession for its often crass indulgence in showboating...but to suggest a remedy might be found in the counterfeit design and cack-handed pastiche of Poundbury is dismaying."

•   Architecture and the creative economy in the Philippines: it's time to stop losing its "creatives" to foreign firms.

•   A Saudi architect calls for Foster and Hadid to keep hands off Mecca.

•   Federal grants for blighted neighborhoods was the good news - the bad news: tough choices and frustration because of the small sums involved.

•   Report says U.K.'s BRE Green Guide is flawed - but not all agree.

•   Nadel on balancing design excellence and building security at new U.S. embassies: Berlin is a good example.

•   Russell minces no words about what he thinks of the new Capitol Visitor Center (ouch!).

•   But he finds rare "sculptural drama with finesse" in a new hotel that "billows above beat-up tenement buildings in Manhattan's gentrifying East Village."

•   Vinoly's Battersea plans under siege (again) for ruining heritage views (but artist impression show the real picture?).

•   Not all are thrilled with the budget (so far) for his University of Arizona Flandrau Science Center, either.

•   D'Arcy finds Gehry's AGO "refreshingly discreet" and "evidence that he can work as effectively with restraint as he can with his flourishes."

•   Campbell finds a boathouse "a model of form and function," "exuberant," and "a joy."

•   An extensive Q&A with Ando, an icon and iconoclast.

•   Sad news indeed: U.K.'s Architecture Week officially shelved.

•   An eyeful of the $55,000 Port-a-bach relocatable home - good for vacations or disaster relief (and very green).

•   A landscape architect calls for a re-think of asphalt and how to make "asphalt spaces into real landscapes that we can engage with as human beings."

•   Glancey's reflections on Woolworths.

•   Lubell takes a tour with some architects building the impossible in Second Life (too bad he didn't visit ArcSpace land, where there's some serious design going on).


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