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Today’s News - Friday, November 7, 2008

•   Time will tell if changes in the International Building Code will lead to innovation in the built environment.

•   Krier's secret code for Poundbury: it was meant to be boring.

•   Saffron finds the new Museum of Arts and Design "a conscientious if unspectacular effort" (with ghosts).

•   Can shopping centers be used to regenerate cities? A yes and a no.

•   An eyeful of the 2008 Building for Life Award winners.

•   Long before "green" was hot, Bawa designed an amazingly green hotel in Sri Lanka.

•   Kansas State students team with HOK for Coretta Scott King memorial.

•   Weekend diversions: "Unbuilt Toronto" worth a read - and a visit to the ROM.

•   Gehry gets a one-man/one house show in Philly.

•   "Eliel and Eero Saarinen at Drake University" on view in Des Moines.

•   "China Design Now" at the Cincinnati Art Museum: the "best lies in fresh, urban Chinese design that most of us have never seen before."

•   Q&A with William Krisel, and a retrospective at Culver City's Museum of Design Art and Architecture.

•   Andy Goldsworthy builds tall in San Francisco's Presidio.

•   King rounds up corporate sculpture that is "anything but corporate and slick"; S.F. architects offer up their own ideas for Fisher's museum; and the Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture is "an irresistible guide to what's new where."

•   Dyckhoff's take on the Atlas: "stuffed with treats," but lays bare the "stark differences between continents and nations."

•   Rawsthorn recalls her meeting Mari, who has a retrospective in Turin (fab slide show, too!).


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