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Today’s News - Wednesday, November 5, 2008

•   Nobody is mincing any words today: Moore tackles the "great planning swindle" that turns public benefit into a "pawn in a spectacularly inefficient process."

•   Zandberg trounces the court decision to approve Jerusalem's Museum of Tolerance by Gehry: the "verdict crushes all hopes of halting this ridiculous and groundless project" (it won't even be the city's Bilbao moment).

•   Khoury gets cantankerous when it comes to building in Beirut: is it even worth the effort?

•   In India, the "mindless borrowing of foreign ideas" has left its cities "teetering between awkward extremes."

•   Cheek wishes Seattle's architecture had, well, a little more cheek with less "conventional respectability and generic anonymity," and "more architecture that will start some fights."

•   Protesters couldn't do it, but the financial mess just might halt the Gazprom tower in St. Petersburg (though others say it will go ahead).

•   Pearman throws some curves at Viñoly's The Curve theater: does it work? Yes, but then again, no.

•   Will the recession kill the market for green architecture? An expert says no: environmental design is a must-have.

•   Two students come up with a way to mend fences and bridge a racial divide in a Philadelphia neighborhood.

•   New Orleans debates plans for a new hospital; RMJM Hillier says it will be faster and cheaper to renovate the old one.

•   Mayne moves into China, where "you can do things formally you just can't do in the U.S. - aggressive, uncompromised, out-there ideas."

•   Susanka "demystified how and why good design works," and celebrates the 10th anniversary of "The Not So Big House."

•   An eloquent tribute to our dear friend Stephen Kliment (there's a memorial program at the Center for Architecture in NYC tonight).

EDITOR'S NOTE: The U.S. election is over. It is a historic moment - leave it to a British historian, Tristram Hunt, to put our feelings into words: Obama "brings the narrative that everyone wants to return to - that America is the land of extraordinary opportunity and possibility, where miracles happen."


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