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Today’s News - Tuesday, October 28, 2008

•   A credit crunch and a presidential election: How is the financial crisis is impacting urban planning policy; and an in-depth look at the presidential candidates' very different positions on urban issues.

•   U.K.'s building regulations chief says sustainable design will go into hibernation because there won't be any profit in it for awhile (let's hope he's wrong).

•   Q&A with Kongjian Yu about the environmental crisis facing China, and what landscape architects can do.

•   Rowan Moore tells London mayor "it's time for some blue sky thinking": he has great opportunities to make the city "a genuinely better more beautiful, more civil, better functioning place."

•   Preservationists fire first volley in battle for NYC's historic South Street Seaport.

•   Kamin finds at least one silver lining in the economic slowdown: Zell holds off plans to alter old Chicago Daily News Building and plaza.

•   Behin's Stack City tackles a zero carbon city "from a pragmatic point of view, but ends up asking us whether we're ready to re-engage utopia."

•   Boston Architectural College at the forefront of bringing more African-American architects into profession.

•   An explanation of how Montreal managed to snag Andreu for a "tout petit" project.

•   King finds "a fresh twist on preservation" on San Francisco's Union Square: "like nothing that we've seen before, here or anywhere else" (even though he liked Koolhaas's "cheese grater" that never happened).

•   Merrick marvels at Viñoly's "coup de théâtre" in Leicester: "this is beam-me-down-Scotty architecture; a 21st-century building that challenges the city's unfortunate motto, Semper eadem - "always the same."

•   Davidson says new JetBlue terminal at JFK takes care not to overwhelm Saarinen, but it's certainly not "dainty."

•   Thompson admires the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial for its "restraint and extremely elegant" design, but "can even the most elegant design succeed in a place that's no place at all?"

•   Istanbul's newest mosque is the first in Turkey to be designed by women.

•   A high-tech makeover of Rome's Mind's Museum overturns preconceptions about mental illness.

•   An impressive shortlist for Lea River Park scheme.

•   We couldn't resist: a leaning tower of Abu Dhabi seeks Guinness Book of Records as the "most inclined in the world." - A gallery of 10 of "the world's ugliest buildings for your viewing displeasure."


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