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Today’s News - Thursday, October 23, 2008

•   A thoughtful tribute to a master who helped raise design standards across the UK.

•   Angotti offers an in-depth comparison of McCain and Obama's urban policies and what they will mean for cities.

•   Hawthorne wonders if hard times can be good for architecture: "a period of tight credit could force architects to trade glitz for substance" (and the next big thing could be a thousand little ones).

•   Glancey wonders if there's poetry in architecture (or at least hopes for some "poetic vision").

•   An eyeful of projects that provides a snapshot of state-of-the-art green building.

•   The dynamo behind the Designers Accord (a.k.a. the Kyoto Treaty of Design).

•   The Ahmedabad-based architects who have challenged perceptions of the modern-day workplace.

•   WWCOT to help Dujiangyan, China, rebuild after earthquake - design principles will be adopted by cities throughout the province.

•   Dillon on a Dallas development that's transformed a former dumping ground to eco-friendly neighborhood.

•   Ouroussoff is pleased as punch with NY Public Library pick of Foster for major renovation: "There is no project today that is more important to the civic identity of New York"; Pogrebin gets into the details.

•   Merrick marvels at Hopkins' Sanger Centre for Science and Mathematics: "architectural wonder," "magnificent" (we think he really likes it!).

•   At SOM's Cathedral of Christ the Light, "everything has a meaning, and very little seems arbitrary."

•   Bahrain's latest towering plans: "Light" and "Reflections" come to mind.

•   Leeds gives go-ahead for new dance center.

•   Brussat issues a call to save Athens from Tschumi, and Providence from the "shortsightedness and narrow-mindedness" of the city's urban policy.

•   Gallagher says renovation of historic hotel "nudges Detroit further along the path to a more up-to-date-looking downtown."

•   An eyeful of the American pavilion at the Venice Biennale (the first we've seen!).

•   World Architecture Festival announces first eight category winners.

•   2008 National Preservation Award Winners.


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