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Today’s News - Thursday, October 16, 2008

•   Conventional wisdom about international practice is part myth, part reality: some interesting truths and falsehoods.

•   Gloomy predictions for '09 on both sides of the Big Pond (is anyone really surprised?).

•   The odds on five new Middle East towers getting built; which will be the tallest (and some amusing nicknames).

•   Rybczynski's take on Piano's L.A. museum: "while it has its moments, falls far short of greatness" (great pix, too).

•   Dyson thinks UK's planning system is "a blight on progress"; but he remains optimistic in the face of economic and environmental climate changes.

•   Civic groups and advocates for the homeless face off in plans to "clean up" Philadelphia's upcoming cultural hub.

•   A foundation helps build spaces that heal in crime-ridden neighborhoods.

•   Future Systems' founders split: Kaplicky keeps the name; Levete sets up her own shop.

•   Brussat is (not unexpectedly) brutal about the Biennale: "Too bad the Doge of Venice isn't around to kick these Vandals out."

•   Webb waxes wondrously about a California prefab: "a work of art that is intensely green."

•   Q&A with RNL's Tal re: technology for landscape architects (architects, too) and what it means for hand drawing skills.

•   One of Czech architecture's rising stars (he's only 23): "Sometimes, the trouble with modern architecture is that it is shouting out too loud."

•   Calls for entries: I.D. 2009 Annual Design Review; and HotSeat 3 annual chair design competition.


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