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Today’s News - Wednesday, October 8, 2008

•   Weinstein's Words That Build Tip #7: Write a site analysis using words referring to senses beyond sight.

•   Heathcote takes on the "schizophrenia of greenism" and the "numbing clichés of eco-architecture."

•   Prince Charles attacks architects (again) - this time for "cynically adding on wind turbines and solar panels as 'mere gestures.'"

•   Adrian Smith's green plans for Chicago's Sears tower (green roof included).

•   HOK's Valentine sees green architecture opportunity in financial woes.

•   Pearman issues an impassioned call to save Saarinen's American Embassy in London: "Like it or loathe it, if we lose it, we will come to regret it."

•   Meanwhile, the restoration of Saarinen's University of Chicago Law School has everyone smiling.

•   Hume fumes about Toronto's "civic self-cannibalization" and shortsightedness when it comes to preserving the city's history.

•   He's (only slightly) more optimistic about Nuit Blanche.

•   Rochon finds a back lane project that shows the "potential for architecture to honor the past while signaling a brave new afterlife."

•   Dyckhoff has a very chatty - and pragmatic - conversation with Viñoly: "Architecture doesn't have to be permanent. I'm perfectly happy to demolish anything."

•   Barcelona residents give "a contemptuous thumbs-down" to proposed new design museum (it looks like an "office stapler").

•   Hawthorne on Siza: the "world's most underrated architect."

•   Q&A with Kang Kiang, the executive architect of San Francisco's new Academy of Sciences.

•   Landscape architects' billings not much better than their brick-and-mortar friends.

•   An eyeful of the 84 Spark Design Award winners.

•   Reinventing Grand Army Plaza People's Choice Award winner won 1st Place, too.


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