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Today’s News - Thursday, October 2, 2008

•   Farrelly minces no words about climate catastrophe and financial fiasco - they "are symptoms of the same disease: greed," but she offers 3 factors "that could yet tip the net result in sustainability's favor."

•   Glancey minces no words about CABE's "nosy-parker scrutiny" of eco towns as "patronizing" with "wonkish thinking and bullying edict."

•   Lewis attends "Greening the World's Capital Cities" conference to learn about international cities who think in "bolder shades of green" than U.S. cities.

•   U.K. surveys 18,000 public buildings to find the biggest CO2 offenders (including starchitect-designed ones with big green claims).

•   Another British survey "reveals depth of architects' despair over UK housing policy."

•   Gardner minces no words about what he thinks of the new MAD: "Its entrenched mediocrity represents so thorough a depletion of the imaginative faculty..." (read it now - NY Sun folded on Tuesday - no telling how long the website will remain).

•   A Gehry to grace Paris's Bois de Boulogne.

•   An eyeful of H&deM's Paris pyramid (or is it a shark's fin?).

•   A Predock building worth the wait in New Mexico: "as big, as timeless, and as self-assured as a geological feature."

•   Adjaye takes to the books again - this time for two libraries in Washington, DC; Kennicot calls it "a remarkable debut" for a city "has had a hard time attracting designers of his caliber."

•   Nadel says critics may lament security measures required in design, but they often do not understand the reality of terrorism designers and building owners face.

•   Another demolition in a Chicago suburb known as "ground zero for 'teardowns.'"

•   Archeworks' new leaders develop programs to advance their City of the Future scheme.

•   It's a long shortlist in BD's 2008 Young Architect of the Year Award.

•   Piano takes home Denmark's most prestigious cultural award.

•   William Rawn is very glad that he finally did decide to follow his bliss.

•   Heathcote finds a young architect "who gives old stories new ending."


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