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Today’s News - Monday, September 29, 2008

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of a new museum in Austria, and Ma Yansong's new book.

•   A rather contentious day for architecture: Ouroussoff's wish list of NYC buildings he'd like to seen torn down because they bring us down (who "us," kemo sabe?!!?).

•   Rosenbaum calls him on it, saying his call to obliterate new MAD is nothing short of "critical malpractice."

•   Speaking of MAD, Campbell finds its IKEA carton exterior "a huge disappointment," but likes what he sees inside.

•   Kamin calls it "sweetly, but imperfectly, transformed," holding lessons "about breathing new life into oddball architecture."

•   Kennicott seems most pleased to see the Stone building gone: "a building that was hard to love has been turned into a building that is hard to hate."

•   McGuigan muses that while it's not flawless, MAD "manages to both echo the past and breathe new life into a long-derelict little block."

•   Hawthorne offers an amusing annotated reading of Huxtable's famous "lollipop" review (even though he respectfully disagrees).

•   Dietsch on Pei's new China chancery in DC: "more diplomatic than daring...possesses all the requisite qualities of a Washington government building - solidity, dignity and monumentality."

•   Gunts has high hopes for Baranes's plan to save the Mechanic Theater "as long as the owners and the city don't settle for anything less."

•   Heathcote heaps high praise on Hadid: "the most astonishingly original figures in contemporary design."

•   King on Piano's clear vision for the Academy of Sciences.

•   Behind all the Academy hoopla is the too under-heralded Gordon Chong finally given a voice.

•   Big plans for a sculpture park in Des Moines.

•   New study says don't blame cities for climate change, see them as solutions (they're not as polluting as you think).

•   The details that take buildings from being wonderful to genius.

•   Kaplan calls for L.A. to let loose the neon.

•   With 10% of its membership overseas (and depressing home-front downturn), RIBA moves into Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Gulf.

•   An eyeful of the winners in Jordan's Omrania | CSBE Student Award for Excellence.


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