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Today’s News - Tuesday, September 16, 2008

•   Zumthor wins the 20th Annual Praemium Imperiale Award in Architecture.

•   Kennicott is quite taken with the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial.

•   King bemoans plans for a grand green building being value-engineered to be just a tint of its former grand green self.

•   Sokol on transportation agencies constructing new facilities that "embrace sustainability with enthusiasm" (despite low budgets).

•   Kamin finds the new home for the Erikson Institute in Chicago has "just enough visual quirkiness to fit into its surroundings."

•   Lewis on the continuing saga of Washington, DC's Cossutta/ Pei Brutalist church: it's declared a landmark, but may yet meet the wrecking ball - a "regrettable outcome" because parts could be saved and transformed.

•   New life for an icon of the industrial revolution near Leeds (car parks not included).

•   An extended conversation with Elisson: "When I am bored, I start doubting whether I exist." (h-m-m-m)

•   One more on H&deM's Manhattan tower (this one with lots of pix).

•   Ciao Venezia! Glancey, Heathcote, Farrelly, Pearman, Ferguson, et al chime in (whatever is said, they still had a good time): "I began to yearn for some proper architecture." - "...this is the year of the avant-garde slacker- hippy, the digital drawing dude who can't be bothered to make a building in the real world." - "The Arsenale is missable...the national pavilions span the reflective and intellectual to the pretentious and awesomely dull." - "Aussie architects need to quit playing cute." - "...some recent pieces look like the strugglings of infants or pretentious displays of egomania." - "The national pavilions are an absolute feast." (We're quite glad to see the U.S. pavilion fairs very well!)


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