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Today’s News - Wednesday, September 10, 2008

•   Huxtable takes on what's gone on - and is going on - at Ground Zero: the "greatest planning fiasco in the history of the world" (where's Ed Logue when we really need him?).

•   Meanwhile, first look at (final?) plans for WTC museum pavilion.

•   In Prague, the head of National Library sacked over 'Blob' dispute (and project's chances looking dimmer).

•   Rybczynski muses on why architects never retire (part of Slate's "Geezer" issue).

•   Transition Town movement gaining ground internationally.

•   The battle for tuition dollars: schools are "plowing big money into new, iconic facilities."

•   Exhibit A: first review of Gehry's Lewis Library at Princeton (mostly positive - the back story is a pip).

•   Exhibit B: Koolhaas's Milstein Hall at Cornell moves one step closer to actually happening (fingers crossed).

•   Exhibit C: Moriyama & Teshima to take a Canadian university to LEED Platinum.

•   It only took 20 years and $400 million to finally finish a high school in L.A.

•   Kitahaus pods are finally on the move - to a prep school in Windermere, U.K. (lotsa pix!).

•   An eyeful of Oslo's Central Station redesign: a "celebration of travel" (wow).

•   Newark gets its first massive mixed-use project in 15 years.

•   In Scotland, a new HQ offers "fresh air, solar windows, and impressive toilets" (too bad the architect isn't credited).

•   An eyeful of Record Interiors 2008 from around the world.

•   King kicks back with Rebar on their way to Venice and Park(ing) Day.

•   A stroll around the Biennale fair grounds with busy bees building everywhere (fun pix).

•   Woodman explains how he curated the British pavilion: the U.K. has "some of the best architects in the world but in the field of housing we are manifestly failing to make good use of them."

•   A tribute to Rodney Gordon: "Loved and loathed, but never unnoticed."


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