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Today’s News - Monday, August 18, 2008

•   ArcSpace brings us a preview of Copenhagen’s new aquarium, Strasburg’s new music hall, and a new "Garden City" in Kuala Lumpur.

•   Lewis wonders why the architects of buildings splashed all over the media are rarely mentioned (one of our prime peeves, too).

•   Meier on plans to partly demolish his Ara Pacis: he’s "very disappointed and sad, but optimistic at the same time that those involved will see the light."

•   Schumacher on reception desks now marring Calatrava’s grand reception hall in Milwaukee museum: "instead of that first expansive view...we see people’s backsides" (and a total insult).

•   Where to put Piano’s Kimbell museum expansion: the lawn or the parking lot?

•   Arthur Erickson not keeping up his CEU’s, so can’t call himself an architect.

•   Should architects work for free? Yes, says Addy; no says Simpson.

•   Goldberger tours Cloepfil’s Museum of Arts and Design and likes (most) of what he sees.

•   King gives thumbs-up to report on where to put Presidio museum: "Not only is the alternative location more respectful, it offers real architectural potential."

•   Saffron saddened by the lost opportunity in Philly’s University Science Center new building: "a marginal improvement over the wrinkly white-haired dudes that populate the Center’s zone of dullness."

•   Kamin’s Skyscraper wars, part five: What happens when contrasting cultures come together through the medium of architecture?

•   Heathcote on how developers and architects are turning archeological discoveries from disaster to advantage.

•   King has high hopes for San Mateo racetrack transformation into a New Urbanist community (hopefully not just another smart growth enclave).

•   Oslo plans to move its culture to a district (we’ll keep an eye out for competition details).

•   In the town of Roebling, NJ, plans to build a museum to Roebling and sons.

•   An eyeful of Rogers Stirk Harbour’s new Spanish winery.

•   Dunster plans "Landark": luxury log cabins for eco-tourists (or disaster housing).

•   Psychologists determine what it means to think ’green’ (time to take out the politics, folks).

•   Rawsthorn says design has become such an ambiguous term - so what does it mean now?

•   "Architecture School" documentary series "belies its bland title... It’s got form and function," and it premieres Wednesday, August 20, on the Sundance Channel.


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