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Today’s News - Wednesday, August 13, 2008

•   A group of smart people answer the question: What will U.S. suburbs look like in 40 years? (Kunstler is "vastly entertaining")

•   British think tank report saying regeneration projects in the north should be abandoned called "barmy."

•   Why is so much of Edinburgh’s skyline in the hands of one man? Because "the developer, and the architect of his choice, is king."

•   Phyllis Lambert and some other prominent Canadians critique their cities.

•   Kamin’s "Skyscraper wars, part three."

•   Goldhagen eloquently explains why Nouvel deserved the Pritzker this year.

•   Q&A with an "affable, with moments of mischievous wit" Stern, who talks about how personal his Scully Prize is (and why he deserves a Ph.D. in juggling).

•   Farrelly on Food for the Future: it "will turn grungy, working-class town into a model of urban feeding."

•   An eyeful of what will be Dublin’s new canal park (floating gardens included).

•   Kaplan hopes, despite the downturn, that a new L.A. apartment complex is "a harbinger of sensitive urban infill projects of the future."

•   The once-stodgy Museum of the City of New York is stodgy no more as it unveils its future today.

•   Gunts talks to a few of the star contenders vying for University of Baltimore law school.

•   Two young African-American architects in Kansas City "have a clear view of their role in the design landscape."

•   Cheek reports from the new stadium in Indianapolis: at first, "a 19th-century factory on steroids," but finds an artfulness that "may be in the architects’ willingness to defy the ethic of it-could-be-anywhere modernism."

•   Houston Ballet has plans to grow by leaps and bounds.

•   A haunted hospital may become Louisville’s next luxe lodging (ghosts included).

•   Saffron applauds landmark designation for Philly’s Boyd Theater (but interiors not yet protected).

•   King plunges into Pflueger and Corbu monographs to find the architects "more alike than you’d expect."

•   Winners for 5.12 Sichuan Earthquake Memorial Landscape announced.


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