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Today's News - Monday, August 4, 2008

-- Countdown to the Beijing Olympics: Hawthorne x 2: Western architects' "dramatic role as advertisements for the power and ubiquity of the state"; and the "quasi-Orwellian turn" of primary design credit being given to local firms.
-- Heathcote sits down with H&deM: "Neither smiles much, although the humor is there in their architectural chutzpah."
-- Kamin on Beijing's "wow-chitecture" and why Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid will be different.
-- Sizing up Shanghai: Kennicott finds "there's almost too much to take in."
-- Qingyun Ma on Shanghai skyscrapers: "Most of them are so superbly ugly that they're exciting...If they're ugly, they'll be torn down sooner" (and "much of Western architectural education is wrong").
-- East Darling Harbour's winning architects launch a stinging attack for government's "pandering to developers by 'bulking up and dumbing down' their plans."
-- Dyckhoff on the latest grand design to inject new life into a British town - in primetime: "It's good for planning to be shown in all its gory detail."
-- Hume on "cities of the future" and his hope that Toronto will have the time to catch up.
-- Rural communities need long-term planning, too.
-- An eyeful of Zaha's Singapore towers (might she be channeling Corbu?).
-- Russell gives a (mostly) thumbs-up to new "fishnet tower" plans for NYC's South Street Seaport.
-- Farrell bags first New Zealand job.
-- Heathcote has high praise for London's 7/7 memorial design.
-- Photiadis on the vision behind the New Acropolis Museum.
-- An international shortlist of 30 for the BSI Swiss Architectural Award for under-50s.
-- An eyeful of shortlisted designs for NYC's CityRack bicycle rack design competition.
-- In protest at plans to mine a sacred mountain in India, an to demolish St Paul's.
-- 2008 European Architecture Students Assembly set to convene.

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