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Today's News - Monday, June 30, 2008

-- ArcSpace takes us to Abu Dhabi and Helsinki.
-- Heathcote weighs in on U.K.'s eco-town plans (he sides with Rogers re: they're not sustainable).
-- But the government says the public is all for them.
-- Bayley on Birmingham's big plans: no "eco clichés," please.
-- Maybe they should all watch CNU's new video re: "walkable urbanism."
-- "America's Best Cities for Design" survey takes walkability and sustainability into account.
-- Woodman wonders if Hadid's Zaragoza bridge will achieve its legacy role as an urban regenerator.
-- Two studies measure green building perks (some results aren't entirely positive).
-- Gazprom's Okhta tower has a new design, including a "green fur coat" (but not all are convinced).
-- Will Boston landmarks' newest neighbor be a luxury condo tower?
-- Voelz Chandler voices optimism with a few caveats re: plans for a new Denver tower.
-- Ando is dubious in Abu Dhabi.
-- Hume and Stewart re: Dubai's spinning tower: will it be obsolete by the time it's built; blame the Brits.
-- Montreal regains a mid-century masterpiece.
-- Campbell on Harvard's 17-year-old "rotting mess" offers "an object lesson in the perils of museum design."
-- An in-depth look at the Koshalek/Pasadena Art Center brouhaha.
-- Kamin's tribute to Netsch and his complex legacy.
-- Winners all: RIBA awards abound. -- Torontonians take Canada Council for the Arts Architecture Awards.

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