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Today's News - Monday, June 9, 2008

-- ArcSpace takes us to Ankara and Los Angeles.
-- Plan to spend some time with NY Times Magazine Architecture Issue, The New, New City" (a must-read in our book).
-- One of the best in-depth looks at the battle for the world's skyline (another must-read).
-- India's new "cities": self-sustaining gated enclaves (servants included - in slums next door).
-- Who isn't on Design for London's Urban Design Framework Panel? (only a few notables notably missing).
-- Heathcote on the holy grail of urban planning, and a project that just about hits the mark.
-- Rochon is dismayed by the value engineering of a Foster tower that will undoubtedly be a blow to Calgary's downtown.
-- One of the more in-depth looks at the battle to save Rudolph's Riverview High from becoming a parking lot (will it be "another example of Florida as haven for philistines in flip-flops"?).
-- Charlie Rose in conversation with 4 (count 'em!) Pritzker winners.
-- Filler on Piano's Whitney: "among the architect's strongest outings of late" (but will it break the bank?).
-- Three takes on Libeskind's Jewish Museum in San Francisco: King: is it great architecture? "No. But it's a great addition to the neighborhood. And a gentle nudge telling the rest of us to lighten up." is mostly thumbs-up; Rothstein: self-conscious symbols make the building "not particularly comfortable or reassuring...more vertiginous than harmonious." -- Calys: it has "has powerfully raised the bar of modern architecture and design" in S.F.
-- Boddy both pleased and disappointed in Governor-General's awards: "Vancouver architects still need nurturing."
-- Kamin visits Haworth's very green "machine for selling" (leave the flip flops at home).
-- Saffron on Philadelphia's new Center for Architecture: not only long overdue, but with "design elements are all frugal, functional and beautifully crafted."
-- Big plans to "wash away" London's former Guardian building with "The Wave" (see Heathcote above re: paper's new digs).
-- New NZIA president wants to take on "compliance creep" that's hindering architectural creativity.
-- In Kenya, more women taking on architecture's glass ceiling.
-- Move over Golden Gate: bigger plans for Palm Jumeirah bridge (click every page to see all images).

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