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Today's News - Monday, June 2, 2008

-- ArcSpace brings us a new L.A. high school (just landed from outer space?).
-- Nouvel accepts his Pritzker today: he's "a bit of mischief-maker, so who knows what he might say?"
-- Ouroussoff on Gehry's "long overdue" Manhattan tower: "proof that the skyscraper has yet to exhaust itself as an urban art form."
-- Iovine includes an eyeful of his "titanium-free" tower.
-- Russell fears that Hudson Yards plans "may get further dumbed down," which would be a loss of "epic proportions."
-- Saffron on Philadelphia's dazzling new tower (it works best at street level).
-- Hume on remediating 50 years of suburban sprawl: without incentives, it'll take at least another 50 years.
-- Meanwhile, big-box stores slim down to follow suburbanites relocating to cities.
-- Dhaka (finally) taking its architectural heritage seriously.
-- Portsmouth, UK, to Dyckhoff: Spinnaker Tower is not a "bimbo building"!
-- A look at some radical campus architecture that really works (terrific slide show).
-- King gives thumbs-up to new affordable housing in a high-rent San Francisco neighborhood.
-- Glancey on FOA's new John Lewis store: "wrapped in fancy tights" and "an extraordinary piece of architectural eye-candy" (but does it work?).
-- Pitt and GRAFT to draft a 5-star hotel with a green lining - in Dubai (where else?).
-- A Baltimore armory could see new life as a soundstage in a new transit-oriented development.
-- An eyeful of traffic-stopping parking structures.
-- Boddy on a new Vancouver house that flat-lines gable roofs and saccharine detail.
-- Rawsthorn on "design art": whatever it means, its "less ditzy side to it is emerging."
-- Eliasson talks waterfalls while walking the Manhattan the waterfront in the rain.
-- 12 teams shortlisted for Living Steel Extreme Housing competition.

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