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Today's News - Monday, May 12, 2008

-- ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of Piano in L.A. and Allied Works in Denver.
-- Now that high-tech is historic, Pearman wonders what's next.
-- Saffron on the style wars in post-Katrina housing.
-- Speck is dismayed by slavish devotion to a style.
-- Heathcote hails a young Dutch firm that is anything but slavish to any style.
-- Purists and pragmatists on restoring mid-century masterpieces.
-- Rawsthorn on mid-century gems hitting the auction block.
-- The "coolest new house in Michigan" is a veritable bargain, says Gallagher.
-- Kennicott on Saarinen's "absorbing retrospective" in Washington.
-- Could office park parking lots be a new housing solution?
-- Lewis on the missed potential of D.C.'s riverfronts.
-- Kamin on Jahn's U. of C. library dome: "Elegant minimalism or self-indulgent object?"
-- New US Embassy in Berlin: "A throwback to 1980s post-modernism?"
-- Austin gets arty.
-- Boddy finds a new Vancouver high school "gets down to beautiful basics."
-- Landmark status sought for L.A.'s Crest Theater: the interior is "more scintillating than what's on the screen."
-- Hotel building goes modular, and made in China.
-- Bernstein is eloquent about why the U.S. can't afford to snub the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.
-- China says Beijing Olympics "basically" carbon neutral (ok, if you say so).
-- We couldn't resist: an architect's "wickedly sarcastic" replies on a planning form re: a farm shed.

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