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Today's News - Monday, March 31, 2008

Arcspace brings us H&deM in Madrid. -- A notably Nouvel day as many pundits ponder his Pritzker Prize. -- More on Rogers' "blistering attack" on regeneration progress (Thames Gateway is "peppering the banks of the beautiful river with shoddy, toy-town houses and Dan Dare glass towers"). -- Are U.K.'s planned eco-towns just bad planning recycled with a "green spin"? -- UIC's City Design Center offers a case study as guide to green schemes. -- Campbell gives thumbs-up to Prince Charles's Knockroon town plans ("So what if he's a little nostalgic?"). -- Are public-private partnerships the best way to go? Hume says yes. -- Are privatized city centers are a "grim vision of the future"? -- Kennicott on the power of architecture to draw people in. -- Lewis on a run-down neighborhood that's coming back to life. -- Menking puts out a call to save Old Stockton to "reverse the trend of reconfiguring California's downtowns around the requirements of the automobile." -- A new luxury housing development outside of Moscow offers "a new kind of civilization... a kind of utopian social experiment - but without poor people" (body guards optional). -- Krens discusses his affinity for massive projects. -- Nucinovitski breaks his silence on the "Bilbao-12" conspiracy. -- Glad for good news: Eiffel Tower "bonnet" extension is "le grand hoax."

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