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Today's News - Thursday, January 31, 2008

Color today very green (with some sour grapes): Starting off with how "being any color but white can be a little lonely" and a call for more diversity in mainstream green groups. -- Despite the hype, a new study shows businesses are making much of a green dent (though there is some progress). -- Mexico City has great potential, but traffic gridlock and lack of plan for urban infrastructure are "blighting the dream." -- Dutch architects show the world a floating future. -- A big straw bale building in Bristol, while Ecobuild in London will show off strawbale advantages (is that one word or two?). -- ASAP: modular prototype to save the planet. -- While we're at it, the National Park Service is out to save dark skies for stargazers (and save energy, too). -- An investigation begins into how effective the Bilbao Effect really is. -- Rybczynski warns not to "count your titanium eggs before they've hatched." -- Saffron on what is needed to a Bilbao moment for the Kimmel Center. -- For Litt, big plans for a Cleveland hospital "strives for iconic," but doesn't "fire the imagination." -- Slatin's (often amusing) take on Lower Manhattan's "energizer developer" and Stern no longer sitting on the sidelines at Ground Zero. -- Sour grapes? A young architect vents over the too established "old boys club." -- $5.5 million can get your name on an architecture school - but expect some slings and arrows to head your way.

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